Women In Insurance Tech Virtual Conference

Women in
Insurance Tech Virtual Conference

Celebrating Insurance's foremost women of influence and leadership

29 July 2020 | Virtual

About The Event

About The Event

Whilst women are swaying almost all verticals and sectors across the globe, we are celebrating the insurance industry's foremost women of influence and leadership at the inaugural Women in Insurance Tech Virtual Conference on 29 July 2020.

With one-day virtual agenda, the conference will invite most influential women leaders from the leading insurance companies to enlighten the technological disruption through modes like AI, ML, Big Data & IoT. Witness the interactive sessions, anecdotal presentations, and engaging panel discussions at the one-day event!

Not trying to Empower Women in Insurance! Rather, we are empowering the insurance world with the influence of women leaders from insurance.

This virtual conference will bring people together, both men and women, to learn lessons, forge strategies, and tackle the biggest digital transformation challenges encountered by the insurance sectors.

Key Highlights

Women & Leadership in Insurance World | Key Customer Engagement Models | Insurance against long-run volatility risk | Office work insurance | Technological Disruption in Insurance World | Role of AI-ML, Big Data & IoT in the Insurance sector


  • New world, new customers, new solutions – Better customer experiences for the foreseeable future
  • Digital disruption – Know how you can leverage technologies such as analytics, blockchain and cloud to advantage
  • Tackling regulatory alignment - Priority concern for insurers around the globe
  • Real-time risk insights by mastering emerging and disruptive technology
  • Hear key strategies for leadership development and exchange of ideas among peers
  • Network with some of the US insurance industry’s most influential women leaders


The event will witness the perfect blend of leadership across the insurance sector who are looking to gain insights and wish to stay ahead in their digital transformation journey.
The attendee mix will observe CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, VP, Directors, Heads, and managers from the insurance domain including:
  • Brokers/agents
  • Retail agents
  • Claim Adjusters
  • Underwriters
  • Actuaries

Event Speakers

Keep watching this space for updated speaker list

Ruth Foxe Blader

Vinita Jajware

Toronto Insurance Women's Association (TIWA)

Darcy Shapiro

Darcy Shapiro
Head of Insurance for the Americas
Cover Genius


Liz Watson
Vice President
Crum & Forster

Lori Pon

Lori Pon
Director, Claim Transformation
The Auto Club Group

Désirée Mettraux

Désirée Mettraux
OCC Assekuradeur GmbH

Anne-Laure Klein

Anne-Laure Klein
COO and co-founder

Lucile Beaurain

Lucile Beaurain
International Client Executive

Lisa Wardlaw

Lisa Wardlaw

EVP, Chief Digital Strategy & Transformation Officer
Ex Munich Re

Jane Thalen

Jane Thalen

Director of Conversational Design Services

Sharon Fox

Sharon Fox

Director, Business Development

Melissa Collett

Melissa Collett

Professional Standards Director
Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson

Enterprise Business Development Manager

Donna Jermer

Donna Jermer

SVP, Marketing
iptiQ by Swiss Re

Krystina Murawski

Krystina Murawski

Assistant Vice President
iptiQ by Swiss Re

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Virtual Registration and Networking

Getting Acquainted with the virtual conference platform

Welcome Note by Altaworld

Opening remarks by Chairperson

Vinita Jajware, President, Toronto Insurance Women's Association

Diversity of women roles in insurance world

How women across the globe progress in senior leadership? How the hiring and promotions can be uplifted to equalize the ration.

Vinita Jajware, President, Toronto Insurance Women's Association

Session Title: Assessing and Overcoming the Hurdles

Desiree Mettraux

The importance of Branding

There is no question that branding is important. But how crucial a solid and concrete brand image is for the perception and success of a product is often still underestimated. Let us show you how important branding really is.

Désirée Mettraux, CEO, OCC Assekuradeur GmbH

Anne-Laure Klein
Lucile Beaurain

How Transparent AI can reshape traditional insurance pricing?

Innovation in insurance pricing is long overdue, with traditional processes that are manual, inefficient and slow. Insurance companies need to meet customers’ real time expectations to achieve acquisition and retention targets. Transparent AI by Akur8 is a game changer right there.

Anne-Laure Klein, COO & Co-founder, Akur8

Lucile Beaurain, International Client Executive, Akur8

Darcy Shapiro
Liz Watson

Q&A: How new insurance distribution models can create better customer engagement?

While the shift from the physical world to the digital world has been in full swing for some time, a few industries, like insurance, have lagged behind. Insurtech today is changing the way insurance has been distributed for generations, and enables online businesses to become the primary distributors of insurance at the point of sale. This session will look into how large eCommerce companies from a variety of industries are leveraging their customer journeys to sell insurance and unlock the value of innovation in the insurance value chain while increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Darcy Shapiro, Head of Insurance for the Americas, Cover Genius

Liz Watson, Vice President, Crum & Forster

Moderator: Vinita Jajware, President, Toronto Insurance Women's Association

Jane Thalen

Elevating the insurance customer journey with conversational AI

As insurance brands continue to focus on improving customer experience (CX), automating or accelerating customer interactions is becoming increasingly important. From chatbots to Intelligent Virtual Assistants, conversational AI enables automation of the tasks customers desire to achieve while enhancing CX. AI and Machine Learning can be used in concert to enable the dynamic, frictionless interaction that customers expect. In addition to direct automation, conversational AI can also play a key role in assisting human agents, enabling them to provide a lower cost, more optimal experience. Join Interactions to learn more about maximizing your customer experience across multiple touch-points of the insurance customer journey with real-world examples from our experiences deploying an Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Jane Thalen, Director of Conversational Design Services, Interactions

Lori Pon

Reimagining the claim journey where tried and true meets shiny and new

Striking the right balance between traditional claim handling and technology accelerators

  • It is not about high touch or low touch—it’s about the right touch
  • The Power of the Pilot - Fail fast, succeed faster

Lori Pon, Director, Claim Transformation, The Auto Club Group

Networking Break

Session Title: Technological Disruption in the Insurance sector

Technology disruption in insurance, how to avoid innovation theatre

Focus will be on key technology disruptions and the critical ecosystem necessary in order to ensure that the ultimate interaction with insurance sparks joy (unexpected curated seamless digital processes) from sale to service to financial bookings

Lisa Wardlaw, EVP, Global Chief Digital Strategy & Transformation Officer, Ex-Munich Re

The ethics of AI in insurance – a view from the profession

What are the ethical issues in the context of AI and insurance? What role can professional bodies play in influencing the impact of AI on insurance? What collective action can insurers and stakeholders take to mitigate the ethical risks associated with AI?

Melissa Collett , Professional Standards Director, Chartered Insurance Institute

Erin Wilson

Business Texting for Insurance – Why It’s More Important Than Ever

Now more than ever, insurers and brokers are having to rethink the effectiveness of their customer-engagement strategies. It begs the question, are insureds being met on the digital channel they most prefer? Join Erin Wilson to learn about how our current environment has accelerated the demand for two-way texting across claims, distribution, policy admin, renewals, billing and more. She’ll share new data that shows consumers’ increasing preferences for texting with businesses, both during the Coronavirus pandemic and into the future, and share stories from insurers who have found positive results after implementing texting into their workflows, such as how they: Increase customer contact rates, Boost NPS scores, Accelerate claims cycles by days, Reduce compliance risks and more.

Erin Wilson, Enterprise Business Development Manager, Zipwhip

Sharon Fox

Trends that will fundamentally transform insurance over the next 5 years

Data and analytics have the power to truly transform the industry. There is a profound amount of relevant data that sits siloed and static on PDF’s and paper today. Through many different technological means AI, API’s and Distributed Ledger Technology; Sharon will be discussing the opportunities to bring this information to life and provide more meaningful insights for decision making.

Sharon Fox, Director, Business Development (Insurance Tech Leader), TrustLayer

Sharon Fox

Bridging the Gaps Across the Value Chain

It's not only technology but also a move towards data sharing and a collaborative approach that will allow us to move our industry forward and close the protection gap. As an industry, we still face the issue of not delivering the right products to serve the financial needs of a wide part of the market (middle market). Donna will be discussing four primary gaps that the industry is experiencing.

Donna Jermer, SVP, Marketing, iptiQ by Swiss Re

Krystina Murawski, Assistant Vice President iptiQ by Swiss Re

Closing remarks by Chairperson

End of Conference & Open Networking

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