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Rao Tadepall

Rao Tadepall


Rao Tadepalli, A successful CIO with 25 years of experience in Insurance Industry. He has the rare combination of extensive Insurance experience, Executive Leadership and deep technical knowledge, which has gained him success both in corporate world and the startup world. He is a recognized leader in the Insurance industry, a thought leader and a sought after speaker at conferences and by Insurance publications. Rao was Senior Vice President and CIO with a major Insurance company in Los Angeles, USA. He is an advisor to PlugNPlay and several Silicon Valley Startups. Rao was a member of GES2017 USA delegation led by Ms. Ivanka Trump last year in Hyderabad. Rao was a Judge of Million dollar Startup challenge and speaker at Vizag Fintech festival held in 2018.

Rao is a visionary and an Insurtech Innovator with AI,Ml, IoT and Blockchain with knowledge of end to end Insurance value chain. He has worked as a Senior Vice-president and CIO for a leading Insurance company in USA for more than 10 years.