Women in Insurance Tech Virtual Conference - Speaker - Wendy Hipsky

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Wendy Hipsky

Wendy Hipsky

Head of Sales

Wendy Hipsky is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Performance Coach with extensive  experience in the health and wellness sector.

In her current role as Head of Sales for Healthee, Wendy is building the company's go-to-market strategy, focusing on direct employer sales, and consultant, broker, and industry partnerships with an emphasis on client implementation and ongoing success. Wendy is a seasoned  leader skilled at developing highly-productive and successful teams, delivering innovative technology solutions, and achieving the health, business and financial results desired by clients, companies and communities.

Prior to joining Healthee, Wendy held the position of VP of Strategic Programs at Ovia Healthwhere she cultivated relationships with leading health plans, benefits admin platforms, and wellness companies, leading to unparalleled revenue generation and strategic company growth. Rounding out her experience, Wendy has worked with innovative health and well-being companies, corporations, and healthcare systems including Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Limeade, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Arizona, Virgin Pulse, Willis Towers Watson, Sharecare, HSCS, Total Brain and Alight.

Wendy has built her professional success on her core values of family, health, and infectious happiness. She truly believes an individual is most successful when living a fulfilled life that is the product of a strong network of support, pure, holistic health, and the ability to bring happiness to others.